Viddi Records is an indie record company owned by Vidar "Viddi" Letho. The purpose of the record label is to publish the music made by Vidar "Viddi" Letho himself.

Vidar "Viddi" Letho is a musician, singer, standup comedian and actor from Norway. His music style is mostly blues, blues-rock, country rock and rock'n roll, but Viddi gets his inspiration from all kinds of music. He even writes his own classical works too.

You will find Viddi's music on places like 7 digital, Amazon, CD Baby, Deezer, EMusic, Google Play, iTunes, MediaNet, Spotify, Tradebit, Wimp, Yandex, YouTube etc.

For more information about Vidar "Viddi" Letho go to (so far in Norwegian only), or facebook: Vidar Letho on Facebook